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Here are a few of the books I've published.  Still a few to be added.  All are found on

Messenger in The Fog


"For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways, they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone,"  Psalm 91:11-12

Was Grace aware of the special protection around her?  Sometimes we have to go through dark times, but if we endure, there's a light ahead. Unaware, through Te Favor of God's infinite mercy, He sends protectors assigned to lead us to Him--sometimes disguised as mysterious acquaintances, even hiding in the FOG!

Big Mama and Me


Mrs. Cora Lee Raysor was my Big Mama, born in 1896, she was no joke; not with a switch fresh from the peach tree, nor in the kitchen where she cooked awesome food!

Enjoy the poems and short stories in Big Mama and Me!  True stories of me growing up.

Tin Can: The Slitting Edge


Living in a domestic violence situation can be deadly.  Sharon was caught up in the man and his power of fear.  She knew that one day she would be free of pain and needless sadistic affliction of abused her husband imposed on her.  He was the controller, but God had other plans for her life!

hallm family.jpeg
Hallums Family Reunion


The prequel of my new novel, Benson's Bloodline to Freedom's Trail.  This book is about the ancestors and up to the 3rd generation of Benson and Mary Ann's descendants.

Awesome to have for family history and reunions.

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