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Benson's Bloodline

To Freedom's Trail


My family’s thread goes deep within the quilt of life.  Benson and Mary Ann are my true ancestral grandparents whose love reached out continent-wide, making the Hallum family genes universal and culturally beautiful!  What’s true is one was free and one enslaved, but nothing could put a chain on their fierce love.

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Forbidden love can be both daring and dangerous, even deadly, but oh so satisfying!  As they passed a small lazy river, she closed her eyes to enjoy her imagination.  It was him, swimming in the river, except she could see peeks of his light golden skin as he swam. Each stroke was accompanied by short glides and slow breaststrokes. Such power, she thought, like a silent hunter easing up on his prey.   

Benson, Chapter 9 excerpt

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Beyond The Lies of Freedom:  Benson's New Breed of Hallums


Hearing the most powerful words of his enslaved life, "We're Free" made Benson feel 'Now I can be the man, husband, and father I've always longed to be.' that is until he stepped out of the oppressions of slavery and onto the promise of Lincoln's Declaration. It was no more thAn an Emancipated lie written on pretty paper.  The shackles were broken but they still hung from him heavier than ever.

A tearful Benson, grateful to his wife who'd stood by him, even in the face of death.

Wiping his face with his hands, he took Mary’s hands into his, cupped them, then brought them up to his lips and prolongingly kissed them.

“Thank you for the love you have shown me all of your life, even when we were children, your tenderness toward me was always there—forbidden, but there.  I love you.”

Benson, Chapter 7 excerpt

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